DHI (Direct Hair Implant); It is one of the methods of implanting the follicles collected with FUE techniques to the area to be transplanted. DHI can be used in hair transplantation as well as beard and eyebrow transplantation.

Choi Pen Miracle

DHI hair transplantation is performed with a pen called Choi Pen. Therefore, it is also known as Choi hair transplantation or Implanter hair transplantation. Choi Pen implants the hair follicle in the predetermined area without damaging the follicles or other grafts. Simply, Choi Pen drives the collected hair follicles to the desired area.

In the DHI method, there is no need to open a channel beforehand while the implant operations are performed. Because Choi Pen opens the canal while transplanting the hair follicle. In this way, hair transplantation results in less pain and faster.

Perfect Result with DHI Hair Transplant Method

DHI is the most preferred hair transplantation method by doctors due to its practicality. Since it can be applied without shaving, patients often prefer this treatment method. The front hairline, which is one of the most important issues in hair transplantation, is planted much more perfectly in this method. It is a method that allows to intensify the thinned hair by intensifying between the existing hairs. The DHI method, which reduces the margin of error to zero, also allows experts to work comfortably.

In addition, it allows you to return to your daily life quickly, as there is no channel opening, incision and stitching process.

After DHI Operation

In the DHI hair transplantation technique, the encrusting time takes an average of 5 days, since no channels are opened. The shedding process, which starts after two weeks, continues for a while. After third month, the transplanted hair begins to grow. With DHI and other hair transplantation techniques, it takes an average of 9 months to reach the final result.

In the DHI technique, a maximum of 3.500 grafts can be transplanted in 8 hours.