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Hair Transplants with FUE Technique

What is the FUE technique?

The Follicular Unit Extraction is a minimally-invasive hair transplant technique in which follicular grafts (hair follicles) are individually separated from the donor area of the patient and then transplanted individually into the receiving region. The grafts are removed using a precision tool and then positioned in the receiving area. There is no linear scar and there are no dots, so your donor area will be minimally visible within a few days.

Turkey, the Best Place for Performing FUE Hair Transplantation

There are several websites that say a lot of things about hair transplantation, but few of them give you precise details and good advice. Here, you will find everything you need to make a successful hair transplant. You must know first that there is no better place than Turkey to make your hair transplant. The FUE method is the most used in Turkey for hair transplantation. It is preferred by doctors due to its time-efficiency and effectiveness. The procedure is performed precisely and every detail is checked several times. Also, in Turkey, these operations are cheaper than anywhere else.

Why choose Fuller Hair ?

An FUE procedure requires a very professional and precise touch and an eye for the smallest of details, and our team of highly qualified and experienced experts at Fuller Hair devotes itself exclusively to hair restoration and treatment so that the results are always natural-looking.

Benefits of the FUE at Fuller Hair

  • No visible scarring even when wearing short hair
  • Donor area from where the hair is removed looks unaffected and unchanged as of 2 weeks after the treatment
  • FUE Hair Restoration ensures  a natural-looking result using ‘true’ and natural follicle units
  • Natural looking hairline guaranteed. In case of crown area, we recreate the natural swirl using identical angulation and direction.
  • Recovery takes days instead of months as no scalpel or stitches are used in the treatment
  • Treatment without any major trauma for the body
  • No pain during or after the treatment so you can return home just after the treatment
  • Local anesthesia is used, similar to the dentist’s anesthesia.