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PRP Therapy

What is PRP therapy and how does it work?

PRP is therapy in which Platelet-Rich Plasma is injected at the roots of hair follicles. As it is made from patients’ own blood, it is completely safe, and there are no chances of any infections or allergic reactions. It is a natural, non-surgical form of treatment for hair loss. The result’s effectiveness varies from patient to patient. It decreases the hair fall, improves the quality of hair, and causes thickening of fine miniaturized hair follicles. PRP injections work best with people who suffer from thinning of hairs. One may need to take multiple sessions of PRP depending upon the hair growth.

Advantages of PRP Therapy

  • Simple, non-surgical procedure
  • Multiple Injections: procedure lasting approximately 30 minutes
  • Safe and reliable results
  • Very quick recovery period
  • Beautiful, and above all, extremely natural looking end results