Special Services

Fuller Hair Transplant Privileges

Benefit from services exclusive to you.

Hair Transplant Opportunity in the Netherlands

Our specialist doctors come to the Netherlands by appointment and perform the operation in ..... , the best clinic of the region.

Post-Operative Follow-Up

Since our doctors come to the Netherlands regularly, they will be able to follow you up closely after the operation.

PRP is the Bonus!

3 PRP procedures after the operation is our bonus for you! With the operation phase, your hair is more lively than before with 4 PRPs a year!

Advantage of Turkey's Prices

Our doctors from Turkey, where hair transplantation is performed at the most successful and most affordable prices, perform your operation with Turkey's prices.

15+ Years of Experience

The most important factor that increases the success of hair transplantation is the experience of the doctors. We offer 100% patient satisfaction with our 15 years of hair transplant experience.